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Six Mistakes That Will Make Your Private Tutor Session Unsuccessful

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Working with a private tutor is one of the best things you can do as a student to improve your academic performance. However, you need to be prepared for each of your tutoring sessions to get as much as possible out of working with a tutor.

The following are six mistakes to avoid before and during a session with your private tutor. 

Being too shy to ask questions

One of the ways your tutor will be especially valuable to you is by being there to answer any questions you have. However, you won't benefit from this if you're too shy to ask questions. Take full advantage of your tutoring sessions by listing all the questions you have beforehand. Make sure you ask all of your questions and have all your uncertainties cleared up before each session is over. 

Forgetting to bring important course materials

You need to make a point of getting all of your course materials and supplies ready before each session. This way, you'll minimize the chances that you'll forget an important course material or piece of equipment that you need during your session. 

Having unrealistic expectations about how quickly you'll progress

While working with a private tutor can really help you to excel academically, you should keep your expectations realistic. Be patient. Many students get discouraged because they think they will progress more quickly than they actually do when they start working with their tutor. 

Expecting your tutor to do all the work

You need to show up at your tutoring sessions prepared to work. Your tutor can't do all the work for you. You'll have to put effort into study and practice during your sessions if you hope to make progress. 

Being distracted during your session

Focus is essential during your tutoring sessions if you want to succeed. This means you need to avoid any distractions during your session. Turn your phone off and give your session all of your concentration.

Also, try to avoid events and circumstances right before your session that will cause you to arrive distracted. 

Running late before your session

Showing up on time is one of the most important things you need to do to get the most out of your tutoring sessions. Make sure you give yourself enough time to arrive before your session starts. 

If you're running late, you might arrive flustered so that you have trouble getting in the mood to study right when you arrive. 

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