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Balancing Your Life's Demands With Your Online Class

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Online classes are a great way to learn new things about the world or get a degree in your spare time. Unfortunately, it can be hard to balance your life with the demands of your class. Here's a few ways you can do just that.

Organize Your Schedule Early

Before you even start your classes, start thinking about organizing your daily work schedule. This should include time to read, to do homework, and study for tests. Scheduling this around jobs or time with your family or friends may be difficult, but it requires talking to your friends and family and letting them know about your classes and what you hope to achieve with them.

A few ways that you can work around your schedule include planning study parties with friends who are in classes with you, take some vacation time off of work (during more intense studying periods), have family members babysit your children, and writing down all your assignment due dates on your calendar well ahead of time.

Cutting Out Unimportant Tasks

There are a variety of things you do in a day that are probably not absolutely necessary. For example, you might spend two hours a day watching your favorite game shows or binge watching the latest popular show. Cut down on these unimportant tasks, either eliminating them entirely or at least cutting your time spent on them.

The idea here is that you are focusing on quality, not quantity, of things to do in a day. Just because you can study for two hours while watching a movie doesn't mean you should. In fact, you're more likely only paying half attention to both, decreasing the effectiveness of your studying and your enjoyment of the movie.

Quitting When You Get Overwhelmed

If you are getting overwhelmed with your homework or studying for the day, it's best to just take a break and recover mentally. You'll know if you are getting overworked if you can't concentrate when you're studying, if you're making silly mistakes, and if you feel tired or have a hard time sleeping at night. Your brain is overworked and can't relax.

If you are suffering from brain burnout, the best thing to do is to stop working, eat a healthy snack (such as protein-rich peanut butter or low-fat meats), and take a walk around the block. Getting up and moving will pump blood through your body re-energizing you and making you feel happier and healthier.

Once you've recovered mentally, you can come back to your studying and succeed in a big way. The key to successfully managing an online course with your busy day is maintaining a balance between the demands of your life and the demands of the class.

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