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Preparing for a Successful Private School Interview

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Making the transition from public school to private school can be a little bit intimidating. Not only is there an application process, but you and your child will likely have to attend an admissions interview. Here are some tips to help you approach the interview well-prepared to give your child the best chance at selection.

Do Some Pre-Interview Research

Although most schools provide a tour of campus and some school history information as part of the interview process, it's important that you do your research before you get there. That way, when you're on the tour, you can ask questions that show your understanding of the school and its operations. For example, you can reference the school's success in its drama program and ask for more details about its operation.

Review the Basics with Your Child

Just as it's important for you to go into the process prepared, it's equally important that your child is prepared before the interview. He or she should know some basic information about the school before going into the interview. For example, your child shouldn't be surprised to find out that the school doesn't have a cross-country team or that their football team has a regional championship during the interview—this is information that he or she should discover before even attending the interview.

Also, some older students may be asked about their extracurricular interests, current events, and other details. Make sure that your child understands that he or she should be as honest as possible while still being respectful. Stress the importance of remembering proper manners throughout the interview.

Consider the Dress Code

Many private schools publish their dress code information online. It's important to look for this, because you should consider the school's dress code when dressing your child for the interview. If the school has a formal dress code that includes polo shirts and dress pants, you don't want to show up at the interview with your child in blue jeans and a t-shirt. Aim for an outfit that fits the dress code as closely as possible so that your child doesn't stand out and appear disrespectful.

The goal of the private school interview is for both you and the administrators to determine if this school is the best fit for your child. Make sure that you consider that as you complete the tour and interview process. Don't stress about the interview, because that will cause your child anxiety. With these tips, you'll both be prepared and can approach the process with confidence and ease. To learn more about private schools, contact administrators in your area.